Meet Mantasha


Hey there, I’m Mantasha the founder of Mantasha’s Curations!

I live in beautiful Ontario, Canada which is my home. 

I was inspired to curate this collection after years of travelling and exploring different cultures and arts, and most importantly, the mystical nature.

Nature never fails to inspire me, from mountains, trees, rivers, lakes, sand, beaches, sunrises, and sunsets to its fascinating shapes and patterns.

This rich, colorful and vibrant boho-inspired jewelry collection is a reminder of the joy, freedom, and excitement one feels when exploring new places.

These pieces help you express your inner self, and individuality, sparking your creativity and bringing you closer to nature.

This boho-inspired jewelry is effortless, suited for any time, any place, any occasion, and any outfit- be it casual, relaxed, or free-spirit look.

In the grind, hustle, and bustle of everyday life, these precious jewels tickle my soul and remind me of the beauty and vastness of the universe and its infinite possibilities.

That feeling makes you fall in love with being alive, that can be created within you anytime you choose to! “He said ‘adventure is a state of mind' and I felt it.”